Australia Carbon Tax Fuzzy Or Phony

In a sense, there are two Australias the land occupied for more than , years by Indigenous people before the arrival among the First Fleet, and the Australia that was colonised in . To some First Nations peoples, the Australia they knew ended on January . The colonisation of Australia was brutal massacres took place, communities were oppressed, land was taken. Stories of the Stolen Generations have been widely documented. It wasn t until that australia day sydney thenprime minister Kevin Rudd formally apologised to Australia’s Indigenous communities over historic government policies of forced child removal and Indigenous compression.

Some refer to January as. The th of January will always be a day of mourning coupled with a day of lament for my people, Aboriginal pastor Ray Minniecon told SBS News. It was a deliberate invasion of our people. It also meant the massacres and genocides of our peoples right across this country. Labor MP Linda Burney, really Indigenous woman to be elected to the House of Representatives, has stated it is an extremely painful day for Indigenous people, and recently told SBS News she was glad conversations about changing the date are happening.

Over the last limited years, the grassroots movements to change the date of Australia Day been recently backed by bigger political campaigns. The Greens drew national praise and condemnation earlier this year once they signalled an official priority for was to change the date. Australia Day is often a day that should bring our country together. In the moment, it is a day that divides Australia, Greens leader Richard Di Natale said. Other moves have caused controversy.